Here are some quotes from the Summer 2006 edition of the LUTHERAN WOMEN’S QUARTERLY that I thought were worthy of some thought. I wish I could link you to the articles, but the best I can do is point you here. The articles from which I am quoting are not available on line.

The first quote is from an article by Shari Miller entitled “Life: Beyond Cruise Control.” Shari learned the definition of the word velocitized from her daughter’s driver’s ed book. Here it is:

Hours of driving can fool you into thinking your vehicle is traveling slower than it really is. This condition, called velocitation, can be especially hazardous when you exit an expressway. If you are “velocitized,” you might continue to drive on local roadways at expressway speeds after making your exit.

This is what Shari has to say about her new word:

Do I get velocitized in my daily life and routines? Do I get going so fast that I don’t even know I’m going fast and then fail to see the “road signs” that God has placed along the road for me to see? … Have I set my life on cruise control?

She ends with this thought:

What is God encouraging you to do? Cruise control? Whose control?

Hmmm…maybe we should all think about that one.

The other article is by Phyllis Jastrom. According to the QUARTERLY:

Phyllis spent 23 years in Japan as a missionary wife and now lives in northern Minnesota…

Phyllis titled her article “I Know BECAUSE I Know the Author.” Here’s how she starts:

Have you ever read a page-turner book that you couldn’t stop reading? With every page, you read faster and faster because you want to hear what happens next. The book is filled with the emotions of life: joy, laughter, tears, beauty, love and death. Each chapter brings something new.

Every day I thank God for all the chapters in my life, and I’m eager to turn each and every page because I know the Author of Life.

She goes on to tell the story of the chapters of her life and ends with this thought:

The book of my life has been a page-turner filled with delightful, challenging, and beautiful chapters….

I wonder if Phyllis knows Shari Miller. Did her life turn out so well because she knew who was in control?


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