A Possibility

As we search for places to retire in a few years, we have become a little discouraged. We knew from searching for a home in Indiana that some places speak right to you. You just KNOW that you could live there. And some of them put you off right away.

We came from seven acres in Ohio. Seven acres where, for a period of time, we raised our own livestock–chickens and pigs–and  raised and canned the vegetables that we ate. I baked our bread, and my neighbor and I ran a co-op from which we bought dairy products. We had a wood-burning stove that provided our winter heat.

Although wood heat is dirty, I miss that stove for two reasons. First of all, we have forced air gas here in Indiana, and I am often cold unless the air is actually blowing. Secondly, some of the best bonding my husband and I did was when he cut wood for the stove and I loaded it into the truck. We brought it home and he split while the kids and I stacked. I know it sounds like a lot of work–and it probably was–but what I remember was the bonding.

So, as we looked for a retirement home, we decided we wanted one with a wood burner. Lord willing, we will both have good enough health to cut the wood that we need. Until two weeks ago, we had seen basically nothing. But, on a whim, we drove by a lake with which my husband had experience as a young man, and there was a cottage for sale. Right by the entrance. It was for sale by owner. Unfortunately, the sign was so old that the phone number had worn off, and it was too late at night for us to ask one of the neighbors.

I had the grandson last week so I could not explore further. Last night, though, I got on the net and found a cottage for sale on the same lake. My husband and I were a little surprised by the price as you own the building but not the land. However, we are often surprised by prices these days. Who isn’t?

Anyway. I e-mailed the realtor, but I didn’t have high hopes. I did the same thing for a cottage that we saw as we drove through Kentucky last year and got no response at all. But this realtor called back. This morning. At five after nine, which must have been shortly after he got to the office. I was impressed.

He gave me all the information he had, but we cannot see the home until after July 5th, which is annoying because the hubby is on call the weekend following the fifth. He is free THIS weekend. Wouldn’t you know it?

The realtor said some of the cottage had been redone with ceramic floors, etc. I would have to see it to know what I think. To me, a cottage speaks of hardwood floors. And I am nervous about going to a smaller house. We have a lot of stuff, books in particular, that just wouldn’t fit. But this is the first time I have seen my husband’s eyes light up at the possibility of living elsewhere.

Retirement is sort of huge to look at, so I am hoping this is a first step. I don’t know if this cottage will speak to us like the little run-down one that is for sale by owner, though. That one had climbing roses by a little front fence and a bigger porch, although for some reason, there was no door to the porch. You had to walk up steps from the side. That one will take a lot of work.

But maybe that one will be something we can make into our own.

Or maybe this one will. Here’s the picture from the realtor’s website:


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