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3 Gifts That Might Never Have Been

Here are 3 gifts that might never have been, save for the grace of God:

64. my marriage–it’s a long story that I will probably never tell, but God did create beauty from ashes there

65. my son–I was in a head-on car collision when I was eight months pregnant with him, and those were pre-seat-belt days. I had toxemia, and when I went in the hospital to have him, my blood pressure (they told me later) was 210/170.

66. my relationship with my older sister’s family–God worked a LOT there to bring us closer.


Hiding Away in My Blog

I haven’t been on my blog for a while because, well–life intervened.I think I’m ready to come back, though, and I’m starting with the JOY DARE. I was listing things on Facebook, but I found that I was spending too much time thinking about how to word them (because of the audience, I think). It gives me joy to (or sometimes a little frustration ) to look for these things in my day, and I think I should just write them down and enjoy them here, where I can be semi-anonymous me. So–here’s what’s up for today:

1. one thing in the sky–the cardinals I saw, so red against all that snow. Cardinals are also the Ohio state bird, but the hubby agrees with me that Indiana cardinals are more brilliantly red than those in Ohio.

2. one thing from my memory–I was talking with the daughter this morning, and we were talking about things that happened before the hubby and I married, things that were not easy and of which I am not particularly proud. However–the point of this conversation was so that I could tell her that I think I had to go through those things to be who I am. Her journey through life has taken a different shape than mine, but the Bible says that things happen so that Jesus can make us more like Him, and I was trying to tell her that those things have a purpose. She never reads my blog, but I’ll say this to her anyway…”You’re getting there, baby. You’re getting there.

3. something that is ugly-beautiful–the snowblower. I am all thumbs when it comes to a lot of equipment, although I use far more than my mother did.  The snowblower looks like a big ugly thing, but the daughter is arriving late tonight, and the hubby used it to clear the drive and sidewalk so that she and the friends she is bringing will walk to the house on dry pavement. That makes the snowblower (and the man who operated it for me) beautiful.

I guess that’s all I need for my first visit in quite a while. Don’t worry, little blog. I’ll be back.

Weak? Or Strong?

So we are sitting in Bible study on Wednesday night, as per usual, studying 2 Timothy. The focus of the study is supposed to be how to recognize false teaching. Anyway, we come upon this passage:

1But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty.

2For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy,

3 heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good,

4treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God,

5having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. Avoid such people.

6For among them are those who creep into households and capture weak women, burdened with sins and led astray by various passions,

7always learning and never able to arrive at a knowledge of the truth.

–2 Timothy 3-1-7 ESV

Verse 7 catches my eye. The false teachers capture weak women? I know the cultural context of the Bible, but I still can’t help myself.  I raise my hand and ask why Paul doesn’t consider the weak men.

Which leads to an interesting discussion.

Debbie raises her hand and asks why the women are not receiving instruction from their husbands.

I have an answer for that.  Some women can’t receive instruction from their husbands.

True, right?

But then Phil, who is sitting next to me, says, “Do you think those women are weak-willed or strong-willed?”

I answer, perhaps too quickly, “Strong-willed, of course.”

He shakes his head and says, “I’d say they’re weak-willed.”

I’ve been thinking about that ever since.

Soldiers go to boot camp to learn how to submit. And any more, a college degree’s value lies in the fact that it proves the person holding it can take instruction. In boot camp, you put aside your own needs for the needs of the whole. In college, you focus your life to reach an ultimate goal.

It does take strength to submit, does it not? And in that light, submission does not seem to be the dirty word our society tries to make it.

That’s what I think, anyway. I’d be interested in hearing what you think.


Today we are getting new carpet.  Our old carpet wasn’t that old, but it was, despite its being put down by a supposedly reputable company, poorly installed and has had humps in it for quite a few years.  After researching, we found that it would be more cost-effective to get new carpet than to get the old re-stretched.  We just had to talk ourselves into it.

So.  We spent most of last week moving the living room out of the living room and all that I have to say is that it is a good thing that we have an enclosed back porch because that’s where the living room is residing at the moment.  And it’s a good thing we have an extra bedroom because, well, that’s where our bedroom is at the moment.

I am excited to get the new carpet.  Really I am.  What doesn’t excite me is the moving of all the furniture back to the place where it came from.

Worldview Weekend

The hubby and I are attending a Worldview Weekend Conference in Indy tomorrow.  We have begun to wonder, recently, how our views are skewed because of the society in which we live, and this conference seems like a good way to explore that.  The topics include:

Six Worldviews That Rule the World; How This Can Be The Greatest Hour For the American Church; How is the Worldview of Karl Marx, Saul Alinsky, Alice Bailey, John Maynard Keynes, John Dewey, Julius Wellhausen, and Friedrich Nietzsche Impacting Your Life and our Children? Understanding the Spiritual Battle Taking Place in America and Around the World; How to Prepare the Remnant For What is Coming; What The Bible Has to Say About The Coming One-World Religion, One-World Economy and Global Governance; How This Happened to America, Where We Are Going and The Biblical Response; The Radicals and Their Worldviews Ruling America From the Grave and How Every Teen and Adult Must Respond To Be Protected; Refuting Evolution; Political Correctness is Cultural Marxism; Understanding the Spiritual Battle Taking Place in America and Around the World; Why is Communism growing around the world and in America? What is societal evolution and what is spiritual evolution and how is it impacting you?

There’s a free worldview test you can take on the Worldview website, and I took it last night.  In many areas, I came out with a strong Biblical worldview, but in a few I came out as moderate and  in one area, education, my views were classified as secular.  I am more curious than ever now, as education is where I have spent the majority of my life.

My friend Carol over at Write at Home blogged about truth a while ago, and I don’t think I can improve on what she said.  Jesus said that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.  If my views have differed from that, I am hoping this conference will help me adjust them.

This post is a part of Spiritual Sundays.  If you would like to read more posts, click here.

In Which I Eat Crayfish and Live

I am not an adventurous eater.  I like a lot of variety in the way my foods are prepared, but I eat the same things: beef, chicken, turkey, fish.  I have had things like sushi, per the daughter’s request. And tofurkey.   I ate oysters on the half shell because my brother-in-law dared me.  And…yuck…I have eaten pickled beef tongue, which only goes to prove that you should never, ever trust your brother when he says, “Close your eyes and taste this!”

Anyway…the hubby decided he was going to take me out to lunch over spring break.  He decided on New Orleans, which is fine with me.  I like to ride.  🙂  It took us two days to get there.  We were reading Dragonfly in Amber, so we took in a lot of scenery and did a lot of reading on the way.  The book has over 900 pages; we finished it somewhere in Mississippi.

When we arrived, we picked up a map of the French Quarter, and  it was on to lunch.  Last time we were in New Orleans, we ate Cajun.  This time we picked Creole cuisine, and we dined at Antoine’s.  The whole experience was awesome. The restaurant has fifteen dining rooms, which we toured, and I have to admit I pictured having a party or a reception there.  The hubby was impressed.  He’s a fan of Jeopardy!, and Alex Trebec has eaten at Antoine’s.

I went in thinking I would have gumbo, but once we were seated, we picked from the lunch specials; I was nervous, but I chose the fried crayfish salad and the Louisiana gulf speckled trout that came with…crayfish.  I normally avoid eating things that look like bugs but I thought, well, I came to New Orleans for Creole food, so…with our waiter’s encouragement, I took the leap.

The salad really wasn’t bad.  I guess you can fry almost anything and it will be edible.  And the trout was delicious, but I have to admit that I did not eat the crayfish that came with it.  Uncoated, they had a fishy flavor that I thought overpowered the trout.  The chocolate mousse  was delicious, and I ended my meal with some of the best coffee I have tasted in quite a while.  Its flavor was so rich that it had no need for cream or sugar.

There are a lot of places you can eat in the French Quarter of New Orleans, and I hope that the hubby and I go back to try more of them.  If you go to New Orleans, I would recommend stopping at Antoine’s. The dining experience….c’est magnifique!!  And you don’t have to eat the crayfish.  There are lots other things on the menu.

As for me, I am wondering where the hubby will take me to dine next.  The series of books we are reading are set in Scotland, and while I’d love to see places like Loch Ness, I’m not sure I am ready for haggis!

Adventures in Grandmotherhood

We went to Ohio this weekend to help the son and daughter-in-law as they do some work on their house.  The son and his dad were in the basement.  The daughter-in-law was at class (she’s studying to be a nurse).  My job?  The grandsons, ages 5 and 7.

They had been pretty good all day, but I could tell they were tired of being cooped up and, truth be told, I wanted to get them away from the Wii and the video games.  (They were a lot more fun when they wanted to play with me), so, I told them I would take them shopping, but we weren’t going to buy anything.  My thought was that it was too cold for them to play outside and too cold for me to walk, and I would, at least,  get a little bit of exercise walking through the store.  They were up for it.  I gave them the choice of Wal-Mart or Meijer.  I would have preferred a mall, but there is no mall close to their house.

They wanted Wal-Mart, so that’s where we headed.  I gave my usual lectures before we entered.  Crying?  We’d leave.  Run away from me?  We’d leave.  Et cetera, et cetera.  They got it.   And we had a pretty good time.

Then came the toy department.

The boys were stuck  on one aisle.  They wanted to hula with the hula hoops, and other kids were doing it, so…I let them.

Wal-Mart must hate grandmothers like me.

There were foam swords in the same aisle.  We stopped for a sword fight.  The boys moved politely when someone came down the aisle.

There were bouncy balls.  I let them bounce until RJ noticed that one of them could bounce 17 feet in the air, according to the label, and wound up to demonstrate.

I caught that ball just in time.  Whew!

There were cars on that aisle with buttons for sirens which screamed to the boys because, of course, RJ can read the invitation that says “try me” on each and every label.  There were Tonka toys like their daddy played with, including a fork lift with a lift that really went up and down.  There were…

Well.  You get the picture.

I don’t think I am quite as patient as I was when I was younger because, when we got to the end of that aisle, the boys were ready to go down another and I stopped them.

I told them I wanted to leave the store while I still liked them.

And they got it.

We left without incident and went to Speedway for a treat before returning home.  And we had a lot of fun.  But my advice to any grandmas out there who are thinking of investigating the toy aisle anywhere with their grandchildren is to keep away from the caffeine first.  Unless, of course, you are a much calmer grandma than I am. 🙂

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