On Makeup

I am not a person who wears makeup, except maybe for lip gloss.  I don’t know the reason for this, exactly.  My mom didn’t wear makeup, but she always moisturized, and I do, too.


…every now and then I feel the need to look into ways to age more gracefully.  So today, which was really brave for me, I stopped at the Estee Lauder makeup counter at Elder Beerman and asked for some education.  I was really impressed.  The makeup artist spent over an hour with me even though she knew upfront that I wasn’t going to buy anything today.

We tried eyeshadow, but then she penciled in my eyebrows, and I thought that looked pretty good even without the shadow.  I told her I didn’t want to wear foundation because I had seen too many women with a line at the edge of their face where their foundation didn’t blend.  She (her name was Sheila) showed me a way to “flower out” foundation so it really doesn’t look like you have any on.  I was surprised, both at the look and by the fact that she said I was a cool, but by looking at me she would have assumed that I was a warm.

Anyway.  I liked not having the sort of red mask which seems to be my skin’s way of aging.  Knowing that I was going for a natural look, Sheila recommended some facial care products that she thought might give me the look I want and would take care of the red and the dark circles even without the makeup.  Decisions, decisions!

When I came home, the hubby was sure I had done something different, but he wasn’t sure what.  He didn’t notice the foundation at all, but he did notice the brows.  (Sheila said that brows are 70% of a woman’s “look.”)  What “look” do I actually want?

I am determined to age gracefully.  My gray hairs are staying on my head, but I don’t think that means they have to stay in my eyebrows, too.   Should I go with the eyebrow pencil and the foundation, or with the skincare?  I have skincare products that have served me well thus far in terms of moisture, but I do still have that red skin thing going.

I just don’t know.  I don’t particularly mind aging, but I don’t want to fade into that good night.  I want to be a classy old middle-aged lady, and I don’t think it should take a lot of makeup to achieve that.  I earned those wrinkles and gray hairs, and there should be a way to accent what you have and still look natural, I would think.

I’m makeup naive, or maybe makeup LD, I guess.

I’m going to go take a walk and mull it all over.  🙂


2 Responses to “On Makeup”

  1. 1 Carol J. Garvin May 20, 2010 at 8:12 pm

    I can certainly relate to this! I’ve rarely worn any makeup, but I have a complexion that isn’t aging very well. I’ve never liked the feeling of makeup on my skin, so that was my excuse. But I expect it’s something you get used to.

    I’ve used moisturizers, too, but am realizing too late in life that I should have taken better care of my skin. Probably my biggest mistake was in not using a moisturizer or foundation that contained a sun block ALL the time. I used sun block when I knew I was going to be out in the summer sunshine, but of course the sun is always there, even on cloudy days and in the winter when we don’t expect it to do any damage.

    I don’t mind the wrinkles, etc., but I do recommend a skin care regime. You can’t start that too soon!

    • 2 Becky May 22, 2010 at 8:40 am

      Hi Carol,

      I think I am going to add to my skin care. I haven’t been really faithful with what I do at night. I’m going back to Merle Norman to see what they have in that regard as well as what they would recommend for foundation. That’s where I get my other skincare products.

      There’s a lot to this aging business, don’t you think? I wish my mom was around to ask…

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