Open Mouth, Insert Big Foot, and Look What Happens!

I didn’t even know I did it.

Last semester, I made an offhand remark to one of the teachers in charge of scheduling me that I was out of practice with some of the higher math and didn’t feel like I could help in study hall like I wanted to.  It was really just an offhand remark.

Well…this morning, when I walked in to get my second semester schedule, I had:

1rst–English 12

2nd–English 11

3rd–Resource Room

4th and 5th–English 10

6th–Credit Study Hall (the place where I said I sometimes didn’t feel like I was much help)


7th–Algebra 4, which is really the second semester of Algebra 2 the way I took it in, um…1971-72?


I have written before about the math teachers with whom I was blessed, particularly the Kroggels. As I viewed my schedule with some concern,  I could hear them saying , as they did so long ago, “Calm down.  You can do this.”

Still, I have to admit that I was a bit nervous as I waited for 7th period.  Nervous enough that I stayed after and worked the homework while the teacher was still there to make sure I could do it.  And that I understood it.  When you are an aide, you have to be able to explain things in a very basic way, and usually you can’t take short-cuts because the minds of the kids with whom you are working just don’ t work that way.  There are a lot of different methods used to teach the things I learned so long ago, so while I might know how, I have to be able to show the kids using the appropriate method.  And while I left school half an hour late and reworked the problems when I came home to make sure I could explain them, I think I’ve got it!

For today, anyway.

Oh, well.  Don’t “they” say it’s a good idea to shake things up when you’re older to keep your mind alert?  Who am I to argue with the oh-so-knowledgeable “they”?  Maybe this is a blessing.

I’ll just approach the rest of the semester with sort of a cross between what the Kroggels taught me and the Little Engine That Could

I’m calming down.

I think I can.

I think I can.

I think I can.

I can.




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