Checking Things off Our List

A while ago, the son introduced his father and me to the calendar and task list on Outlook.  We had never used it before, but it’s pretty easy and it keeps us organized.  One of the things on our list was to get a passport, and this morning, we applied.  The idea behind the passport, other than to allow us to go to the Yukon on our hoped-for future trip to Alaska, is to take my father on the Algoma Central Railway.  Dad already has his passport.

The process really wasn’t hard at all.  We had to send for an official copy of the hubby’s birth certificate, and that took a while.  Other than that, we printed off the forms from the web, filled them out, and headed to the post office.

Then came the picture.  The hubby’s went fine.  I am a blinker (always have been), so mine took several takes.  The lady from the post office wanted me to open my eyes very wide, but that didn’t really help.  Her supervisor came and just took pictures until there was a good one.   I have to say they were awfully patient.

I read somewhere that people with poor eyesight blink to protect what little sight they have.  I was pretty nearsighted until my cataract surgery five years ago.  Maybe that’s why I blink.

Anyway…the passports have been applied for.  All we have to do is wait.

Now it’s back to the list for us.  I think wills come next.


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