‘Twas the Day after Christmas…

… and we were finally home.  A little fatter,  I think, and certainly tired, but happy.

Shall I tell you some of the highlights of our six days in Ohio?  Here goes:

1. My sweet father announced, after I hugged him on Tuesday, that he didn’t get enough hugs, whereupon my husband reached over and hugged him, too.

2.  I was baking bread at the daughter’s apartment and thought I had the oven set at 350.  It was set at 500.  (Sigh.) That was not the only baking disaster, and they culminated with the daughter’s mixer giving up the ghost, whereupon we just quit.

3. Tuesday and Thursday morning, I was with the daughter at her gym at 5 AM. Today we went at 8.  She had her training session, and we did cardio for two hours.  I have finally learned to walk on a treadmill, and I am very proud of that. ( I know–you didn’t think people had to learn that, did you? Apparently, I do.)    I don’t know that I would go to the gym without my daughter, but I certainly enjoy myself when I go with her!

4. We went to my dad’s church for Christmas Eve, and he got hugs again.

5. Thirteen Twenty of us gathered in my dad’s little house on Christmas.  Six of us lived there comfortably back in the day, but it seems crowded with twice as many.  There was general chaos as we shared gifts, but there were also a LOT of smiles.

6.  The glass that went down Dad’s garbage disposal, while exciting, is NOT what bound it up.  It was the nail that he couldn’t find after he rehung (rehanged?)  the kitchen clock.  All is fixed now.

7. We visited friends from our old neighborhood this afternoon on our way home.  You never know how much your visits mean to people, you know, but my friend’s husband, for the first time in over thirty years of friendship, hugged us good-bye.  That says a lot.

We end up going to Ohio at least once a month and sometimes more, and I’m not going to lie–I am tired after our visits.

But I wouldn’t give them up for the world.


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