Santa Came Early This Year

A while ago, I blogged on the downsizing of our television.  Such is no longer the case.

The hubby was in Ohio all week caring for our grandson, Tony, who got his tonsils out.  He came home with a big smile and a big box that held a 32″ Sony Bravia LCD Digital TV that the son, who is our expert on all things technology, assures us will last until we die or until no one knows what TV is anymore.  The hubby was very, very, VERY happy, and set it up before he noticed the peanut brittle I made to welcome him home.

The TV wasn’t the only thing that made him smile, though.  He was happy that yesterday, on the last day he was there, the son took time out of his day to take him to lunch.  I just want you to know, son, that he smiled a LOT about that, too.

Anyway…the hubby will get more things for Christmas, but I think he’d be happy if his TV was his only present.  And no, I don’t think I’ll ever get to hold the remote!

1 Response to “Santa Came Early This Year”

  1. 1 Aurora December 7, 2009 at 11:27 am

    Men are all like little boys when it comes to nice new toys I think 🙂

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