Healing Sands by Nancy Rue and Stephen Arterburn

Healing Sands is the fictional story of Ryan Coe, a recently divorced mom with two boys and a lot of anger.  Ryan’s husband has custody of her sons, and when she moves to be closer to them, a crisis arises.  Her oldest son is accused of a crime she knows he could not possibly have committed, and everyone around her seems to think that he did.  Ryan’s frustration builds as she tries to help her son,  and she seeks out Sully Crisp, a well-recommended Christian counselor.  He has a story of his own to tell, one that involves another counselor whose advice was not very Christian at all.

I found Healing Sands to be very suspenseful, and I was hooked from the first chapter.  Ryan’s refusal to believe in her son’s guilt was, I think the natural reaction of any mom, and I felt her frustration as she faced roadblock after roadblock in getting close to her sons again.  The book offered Christian advice without giving Scripture references, but I still felt like its message was loud and clear, that being that when you think you have no one to count on, you still have God.  I would definitely recommend Healing Sands to others.  There are characters with whom everyone from high school on up can identify.


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