Gratitude Journal, Day 20

This is the last day of my gratitude journal because, starting tomorrow, things for the hubby and me will be very, very busy.  There’s a lot more that I’m thankful for, and I have been thinking about trying this.

Anyway, today I am grateful…

64.  …that we have a vehicle that runs and gets us where we need to go.  We are blessed with two vehicles, actually, and while they qualify as old, God has been good to us and they run.

65.  …the daughter found a group of young people, a couple groups actually, with whom to associate.  She has been working three jobs for so long, I think she has missed out on the social parts of life for quite a while.

66.  …that my oven is self-cleaning.  I really appreciate the wonders of modern technology.  It’s cleaning itself right now, as a matter of fact.  Now if I can just remember to wipe it out before I bake something, it’ll all be good. 🙂


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