Gratitude Journal, Day 19

Today I am grateful that…

61.  …one of my “lost” boys finally smiled.  Today was his birthday, and we fussed over him in two classes.  Finally, in the second one, we saw a smile.

62. …that one of our  little “angels” didn’t get caught when he did a favor for one of my colleagues.  He had promised to return a DVD for her because she had a sub and could not do it herself.  At first he forgot, and when he remembered and came back to school, he found her room locked.  So, instead of getting a janitor to unlock the door,as you or I might have,  he, ummm…used his credit card.


The DVD did get back on time, and my colleague lectured him on using his credit card for something other than that for which it was intended.

63. …I have a hubby who doesn’t mind packing.  I sure do, and we are about to do a LOT of traveling.


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