The Story of Christmas, retold by Gwen Ellis

The Story of Christmas, retold by Gwen Ellis, is a well-put-together account of the events surrounding Jesus’s birth that I believe would work well to educate  preschoolers through age eight in the basics of the Christmas story.    It includes the story of the birth of John the Baptist, the angel’s visiting Mary, Joseph’s being reassured by the angel that he could marry Mary, Jesus’s birth, the visit of the Magi, and the trip to Egypt and back.

The Christmas story was presented in an interesting manner that is well-suited to its target age group.  The illustrations are large and done in bright colors. The basics of the Christmas story were well-presented, and there were thought-provoking questions after each story, along with a “retell the story with pictures” feature at the end.    While it is true that the importance of John the Baptist’s birth and his family tie to Jesus are not mentioned, maybe they don’t have to be at this age group.  The book comes with a DVD that tells even more of Jesus’s story, including His getting “lost” in the temple at the age of twelve, His temptation by Satan, and His love for children.  It also has coloring pages.  I would certainly recommend this book to parents who want to make sure their children hear the story of Jesus as well as that of Santa Claus.

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