Gratitude Journal, Day 4

16.  One of my students asked me to help him find the words to the Lord’s Prayer.  We Googled it and printed so that he could have them written down.  He was wondering about it because we were watching a DVD of The Crucible, and John Proctor, Martha Corey and Rebecca Nurse are reciting the Lord’s Prayer as they are being hanged.  This boy is on the football team, and the team says this prayer before every game.   Evidently the instructions are to be silent if you don’t know it, but this young man wants to say the prayer with his teammates.  I think that’s pretty cool.  God’s Word does not return unto Him void.

17.  My fall break last week was paid.  I had forgotten that, and since I am hourly, it does make a difference!

18.  The midweek Bible study the hubby and I are going to always teaches me something new.


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