Gratitude Journal, Day 2

6.  The moon really did look like a big pizza pie on the way to school this morning. 🙂

7. The first bus that would have delayed my getting to school turned off almost right away, and the other one turned behind me.

8.  I forgot my thermos, which sounds like a bad thing, but in the time it took me to go back and get it, the road which I take to school, which had been closed, was opened.

9.  We got rid of eighteen bags of leaves today.

10.  Tony, the youngest grandson, has been having health problems.  Today, we found out that the problem is his tonsils and adenoids.  He also needs tubes in his ears.  At least now his mom and dad know what has been wrong.  They have been to the pediatrician for every two weeks for the last four months!


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