Green by Ted Dekker


Green by Ted Dekker is the  fictional account of Thomas Hunter and his adventures as he leaves the Black Forest and travels back to the twenty-first century, to when his story began.  Thomas is engaged in a battle which might well result in the ending of the world, and in order to save  the circle of believers in Elyon, some of whom are his family, he battles the Horde.  All the Circle wants is peace and to worship Elyon as they choose.  All the Horde wants is to destroy them.

Green is part of the Circle Series of books.  It is supposed to be Book Zero, making it a good starting point for those new to the series.  I am new to the series, and I found it rather hard to follow for the first hundred pages or so. I was just getting into the story in one time period when–smack–I landed in the other.  The story is about the end times, so maybe Dekker created that feeling of discontinuity and unrest on purpose.  I certainly felt  suspense and a sort of dread as I was reading, and  he did a good job of showing the joy of those who ended up with Elyon.  Since Green is part of a series of books, the ending didn’t really wrap things up and, on the whole, I ended up feeling dissatisfied as a reader.

I have students who read Ted Dekker and would probably enjoy this book, so I shared with them that I had read it but, on the whole, I really wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else.  If the Circle Series sounds like your cup of tea, you can click here to preview the first few pages of the book.


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