Entrance? Exit? A Definite Communication Gap

Have you ever had one of those seasons where, as much as you love your mate, you just aren’t communicating?  The hubby and I are in one right now.  We’ve been married long enough to kn0w that such times do not last forever, but probably nothing illustrates our current gap in understanding better than this story.

We were in Target today, and the hubby walked out the door that they use to bring in the carts.  I pointed out to him that the door had a sign on it that  said no exit, sighing to myself that he likes risk.  (I know it’s not a big risk, but it’s one I would not take.)

In true supervisorly (retired) fashion, he took my hand to show me that the door had said no entrance.  Whereupon I moved to the other side of the door to show him the no exit that I had seen.

Then we laughed.  Like I said, we’ve been married long enough to know that these seasons of miscommunication don’t last.  This one has lasted a week, though.  I do hope it’s over soon.  🙂


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