Socialized Health Care–What’s Your Opinion?

There are many reasons that I am against socialized health care, but the two biggest are these:

1.  I have sero-negative rheumatoid arthritis.  Under socialized medicine, I would not be allowed to have biologic response modifiers like Enbrel that slow the progress of my disease and keep my inflammation level down.  I don’t know exactly what would happen to me if that were the case, but I’m pretty sure it involves more pain, more disability, and, probably, an earlier death.

2.  One of the best family doctors we ever had came to the United States  from Canada because, he said, he was tired of watching people die waiting for what is considered routine health care here in the United States.

I have a niece (Hi, Lillie) that I love who is in favor of the United States moving in the direction of Europe, Canada and other countries.  We haven’t talked about health care in that respect, though, and I wonder if she knows how things would change.  My niece plans on being a doctor, and I’m sure she’ll be a good one.  Isn’t the idea, though, to keep your patients–all of them–as healthy as possible?

Thinking along that line, I grew even more concerned when I received an e-mail entitled “Senior Death Warrants.”  I checked it out on and found that it was, according to Snopes, a mixture of true and false.  Still, if even part of it is true, I think that a move to socialized health care would do more harm than good.

Finally, I saw this video over at Robin Lee Hatcher’s Write Thinking, so I thought I would share.

Whether you like this video or not, it’s some scary stuff if even half of it is true.  It’s all well and good to advocate for socialized medicine if you or someone you love are not sick, but when they are, I think pretty much everybody wants the best health care they can receive as soon as they can receive it.

What about you?  Are you for or against socialized health care?  I’d like to hear your reasons.  The nurse in the video says young people have time.  I’m fifty-four, which I don’t think is old, but under socialized medicine, I wonder how much time I’d have.


2 Responses to “Socialized Health Care–What’s Your Opinion?”

  1. 1 Carol J. Garvin July 25, 2009 at 4:19 am

    As a Canadian I can tell you that the video is very entertaining but full of untruths. Maybe that can be attributed to the filming having been done in the province of Quebec–a province in Canada with the desire not to be a province in Canada, and where the kind of information portrayed is not typical of elsewhere in Canada. Maybe it is a result of inadequate polling methods or the film maker’s personal bias. I don’t know.

    A number of years ago my husband had a routine stress test, a heart defect was determined and within hours he was undergoing triple heart bypass surgery. I’ve recently dealt with a major health issue (cancer) and never once waited more than a half hour for any appointment or prescribed medical test. When surgery was required I was booked in within ten days of the diagnosis. A grandchild just last weekend was airlifted to Vancouver Children’s Hospital from a different city and had surgery within twelve hours.

    The “horror stories” are exceptions. They happen in Canada as they do anywhere. People awaiting elective surgery are the ones who suffer the most here and I sympathize with the pain and discomfort that they experience because of delays due to shortage of funding, medical staff and/or hospital beds. But in most cases urgent care receives immediate treatment. People wanting medical tests on a whim without a doctor’s referral would be wasting valuable resources… tying up equipment and staff without justification.

    Consider the so-called ailment of the guy making this video and recognize that he waited because his complaint was concocted and trivial. There were undoubtedly serious cases needing the doctors’ time. Most emergency rooms don’t operate on a first come, first served basis; urgent cases are identified and handled first. Our Canadian system isn’t perfect, but I pay my taxes and insurance premiums and it works for me and my family.

    Thanks for a thought provoking post, Becky, and a chance to “sound off”.

    It’s nice to hear from a “regular” person like myself. Thanks for commenting.

  2. 2 Wellescent Health Forums August 4, 2009 at 3:40 pm

    As another Canadian, I can say that the video is simply propaganda from those with an agenda. Our system does have some weaknesses, but the basic protection of health for all regardless of income is a pretty powerful way of protecting a society and its most fragile citizens. I have used the system many times and I am really quite happy with most of it.

    About the only real thing I have to say I don’t like about our system is that a very small portion of the population does use an excessive amount of the resources. As an intensive care nurse, my wife keeps many alive including people with drug and alcohol problems as well as severely obese diabetics who don’t make any effort to manage their blood sugar. These people are not really interested in their own health and yet we go to extreme efforts to try to keep them alive.

    To me, however, this is an acceptable trade off considering that we have good health care while spending 10% of our GDP on health as compared to the US spending 17% and arguably not seeing better health at least as far as the WHO is concerned.

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