What Kind of Mom Are You?

I found this quiz about being a mother and took it.  My results are below.  I came out as a Wii mom, which amused me because I have made my feelings about the Wii well known.

I think I was out for my kids’ independence from day one as the hubby and I thought we should prepare them to be in, but not of, the world.  Some of the choices on the quiz were different than they would have been for me because downloading and hectic schedules were just not a part of mothering–at least not until middle school–as I remember it.   The description of a Wii mom is below.  Let me know if you think this quiz is accurate about you.

Yes, just like the folks responsible for the addictive gaming system, you know that the real fun starts when you’re standing side by side with–not hovering over–your child.   You’ve encouraged your kid to be an independent thinker from her very first homework assignment.  “Wii moms want very much for their children to stand on their own two feet,” says Gold.  “And they have a strong sense of their own identity,” which is why you set a great example for others of how not to lose yourself in the role of  “Mom.”  Plus, granting your kids a little freedom means you’ll get some, too.  Still, you’re always there for guidance; he knows you’re his biggest fan.


1 Response to “What Kind of Mom Are You?”

  1. 1 amy June 21, 2009 at 8:12 pm

    I guess I’m a Wii mom too!

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