Robbing the Poor to Give to…?


It’s too bad Flat Stanley wasn’t on guard at the newest Habitat house this weekend.  As we drove by the house yesterday, the hubby noticed that the door to the construction trailer was open and stopped to investigate.  The lock, a heavy-duty construction lock, had been cut.  At first glance, the only thing missing seemed to be the air compressor and its hose, but those things don’t come cheap, especially to an organization like Habitat that relies on volunteers and donations.

The hubby called the police.  He talked to neighbors who said that they had noticed the trailer’s door being open as early as Thursday evening.  They called the office number on the side of the trailer, though, and didn’t leave a message the first time.  By the time they called the second time, everyone was home for the weekend.

When the police came, the hubby was out buying another lock.  At the officer’s suggestion, he backed the trailer up to within four inches of the meter you see in the above photo.  That’ll at least make it harder for thieves to get the door open, but I suppose where there’s a will, there’s a way.

The neighbors are incensed by the theft.  This house is the third that has been built within two blocks.  People usually watch with interest as the Habitat houses go up.  I guess there was a little too much interest here.

Even though the police promised extra patrols, there’s very little chance that the thieves will be caught.   I guess all we can do is pray.  Maybe the police don’t know who those thieves are, but God does.  He can move their hearts to repentance and even to returning the air compressor!


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