Church in a Day, Decatur, Indiana

The hubby and I were up at four this morning and out the door at 4:30.  Why?  We were headed to Decatur, Indiana, to help build a church in a day.  We were told to be there at 5:30, but the building really didn’t start until 7.

It was COLD when we got there, only 45 degrees, but there was hot food and hot coffee waiting as things got organized.  This build was a little different from a Habitat or Crossroads build in that there were a lot of skilled tradespeople there, certainly more than the 100 per shift that we had expected.  I was there for moral support.  There wasn’t much to tote and carry, and the food serving positions were already filled.  The only ones building, as far as we could see, were men.

Promptly at 7 the wall panels, which were built earlier this week, were raised.  By 7:30, all the roof trusses were up.  There were men putting in the furnace, which was above the classroom area, by 8.  The roof sheeting was on by that time as well.

church in a day(Photo from Channel 21, Ft. Wayne, Indiana)

The hubby helped put the entryway up first thing. Then, since he  likes to saw and measure, he helped with the framing.  He pulled wires for the electrical as well as drilling holes and mounting boxes.   Finally, he helped put up siding.     I had teased him before we got there, telling him that this might be a little country church, certainly not one with a spire, but I was WRONG!  Although you can’t tell in this picture, the new church has a pretty, white spire.  One of the most interesting things, the hubby said, was that people were walking around on stilts mudding the drywall before all of it was up.   I missed that because it was inside the building, but it must have been something to see!

There was a collection among the workers, and the money for the landscaping was raised as well.  If you want to read the news story and watch the video so you can find out more, go here.  There are more pictures at Church in a Day‘s website or on YouTube, if you’re interested.

With enough material, enough manpower and enough purpose, you can accomplish a lot in a short time.  It is no secret that God’s purpose was accomplished in Decatur, Indiana, today.


1 Response to “Church in a Day, Decatur, Indiana”

  1. 1 Robert Berry June 9, 2009 at 11:29 pm

    It was an exciting experience for my son and I to be a part of the Church in a day project. We got to the site at 5:30am and left at 5:30 PM. We plan on volunteering for the next church in a day project.
    Robert and Anthony Berry
    members of First Church (Pastor John Barley)
    Hobart, Indiana

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