Jane’s Review: Roanoke: The Lost Colony–An Unsolved Mystery from History

roanoke island, unsoved mystery

The hubby and I went to Roanoke Island over spring break because the story of that little lost colony always captured my imagination.  That’s why, when I was there, I couldn’t resist getting a book about the colony for my niece,  Jane, who is eight.  When I was Jane’s age, I wondered about what happened to Virginia Dare, who was the first child born of English parents in the New World.

The book I selected for Jane was Roanoke: The Lost Colony–An Unsolved Mystery from History. It is written by Heidi Elisabet Y. Stemple and Jane Yolen.  I liked the story because it is told by a fictional detective’s daughter who wants to investigate mysteries like her dad.  She tells about the founding of Roanoke Colony and poses questions about what may have happened to its inhabitants when its governor returned to England for supplies.  There are a lot of facts involved in the account, and I liked that the format allowed unfamiliar words to be defined right on the pages.

I gave the book to Jane at Easter, and while she liked the illustrations and what I told her of the story, she was concerned about the number of words on the book’s pages.  I asked her to call me and let me know what she thought about the book, and she did.  Today.  Her opinion?  Really good.  Two thumbs up.  I’m glad she liked the story as much as I did, and I thought the format of the book was just the right way to get the facts without making it laborious.  I’d have to give the book two thumbs up as well.  There are  other books in the mystery from history series: Mary Celeste and The Wolf Girls.  Good thing I have ideas for Jane’s birthday and Christmas now, isn’t it? 🙂

This is Jane in her younger days:

Jane, 2006


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