High School Dating Talk

When you work in a high school, you get to hear a lot of motivational speakers.  This morning we had one who spoke on dating and boy, was he ever hyper!  His message, however, was well worth listening to, and it got through to a lot of the kids, at least for now.

The speaker’s name was Justin Lookado.  Some of the stuff that he said we have all heard many times, like boys use love to get sex and girls use sex to get love.  Some of it was appalling, like when he said that one in three of the sexually active girls a doctor friend of his sees has HPV.  The main message, though, was really good–that girls need to save themselves, and that boys need to man up.

The example Lookado used for manning up was an experiment with kids bullying.  I forget the exact percentages, but when women walked by the bullying, something like 95% of them would wade in and tell the bully to stop.  The guys, for the most part…walked by.  Lookado made the point that if a guy will do something like stop that bullying, a girl knows he would protect her, too.

He closed with a story about visiting a Ferrari dealership.  He said he and a buddy wandered in one once and, when they wanted to sit in the car, found that it was locked.  They asked the salesman to unlock it, and he refused.  The reason that he gave was that when Lookado and his friend entered the showroom, they asked about the gas mileage that a Ferrari got.   The salesman said that when people are going to buy a Ferrari, they don’t ask about the gas mileage.  They come in and tell you what color they want.

That, Lookado said, is the way it should be as you look for a mate.  Do you want to be the Ford or Chevy that everyone takes for a test drive?  Or do you want to be the Ferrari that stays safely locked until the right person gets there?

I know the girls heard him.  I heard them talking about him three periods later.  They knew he was right.  For today. I hope they remember what he said when they need to.


1 Response to “High School Dating Talk”

  1. 1 writeathome April 22, 2009 at 8:16 pm

    I like the Ferrari analogy. I sure hope that talk stays with the students. It’s so sad that there are less and less young people losing their virginity before marriage.

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