The Hole in Our Gospel by Richard Stearns


I read Richard Stearns’s book, The Hole in Our Gospel, with plenty of interest.  You’ve got to admit the title catches your eye.  How can there be a hole in our gospel?  I have been hearing, over and over again lately, that when, in the Lord’s Prayer, we pray, “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven,” we ought to really mean it.  That phrase ought to motivate us to action.  It is that action to which Richard Stearns calls us.

I was afraid I would find support for works righteousness as I read, but I didn’t.  Stearns says that this is what God expects of us:

1.)  to love God

2.) to love our neighbors

3.) to go and make disciples of others who will do the same.  (p.68)

His contention, as I understood it, is that people often don’t go and do because they don’t know what to do or how to do it or where to go.  He lists the impediments to going and doing as awareness, access and ability.  In our highly technical society, no one can really claim that they don’t know about the poor people in the world, and it is certainly more possible to get into remote areas than it has been in previous times.   Thanks to technology, poor people are our brothers more than ever before.

Then comes ability.  Often people don’t go out and serve, bringing God’s kingdom to earth, because they don’t know where to start.  We all have things we can do.   According to Richard Stearns (and I agree with him), “Any mountain can be moved–even the one called Poverty, or Hunger, or Injustice–if we have enough people shoveling.”

The book doesn’t end with that admonishment.  It offers a website that will give readers a suggestion about things they can go and do:

If you’ve ever had the feeling that God wants more of you, the list at the above website might be a good place to try and figure things out.  With that and a lot of prayer, you’ll get an inkling of God’s will for your life.  We can’t all be president of an organization like World Vision as Richard Stearns is, but remember that Bible story about the widow’s mite?  What you can give does make a difference.


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