Animal Planet, Untamed and Uncut, Films at Our House

About six weeks ago, we started getting calls from Hollywood.

See, before we lived here, the neighborhood dog, Sampson, got stuck in the culvert at the edge of our property.  We have heard the story many times.  In order to get him out, the street had to be torn up and the pipe cut.  We knew Sampson, as he stayed in the neighborhood when his former owners moved.  He died at Christmastime in 2007.

The man who used to own our house filmed the whole thing and sold it to different TV shows.  This time, Sampson’s story will be shown on Animal Planet, Untamed and Uncut.

The hubby and I were sort of excited.  We thought, even though they are only showing the corner of our property, there would be a TV crew and maybe a brightly-colored van, advertising Animal Planet to the rest of the neighborhood.  Animal Planet called us because we had to sign a release to allow them on our property.

No flashy van appeared.  We were mowing the lawn when two men rode up on a motorcycle, one carrying a camera.  The producer pulled up in his car.  The cameraman took several different shots of Sampson’s owner peering into the culvert on his hands and knees.  The hubby went out to talk to the producer who, being from California, though temperatures in the high forties were awfully cold.  They’re supposed to be back today for just a while to film the former owner of our house and an employee of the highway department.

So–there was not as much excitement as the hubby and I thought there would be, but it’s still sort of cool to be able to say there was a TV crew at your house.  Even if they stayed by the culvert.

You can read the whole story here.


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