Review: Max Lucado’s “Skeeter and the Mystery of the Lost Mosquito Treasure”


In looking at presents for the grandsons and my youngest niece, I have considered the Hermie series by Max Lucado, but Skeeter and the Mystery of the Lost Mosquito Treasure is the first one that I’ve ever watched.  The hubby and I watched the this DVD together, and we thought that it would be appropriate for our youngest grandson, who is four, as well as the six and eight-year-olds.  The four-year-old would enjoy the characters, but the six and eight-year-olds, we think, would actually get the story as well as enjoy the extras.

The basic story is about Skeeter the Mosquito, who has a crooked stinger and a really bad sense of direction.  His brother, Sir Sinclair M.  Skeeto III, a famous adventurer, is coming to Skeeter’s garden for his next adventure, to find a treasure left to him by his father.  Sinclair is confident and famous, and he has a perfectly straight stinger, so Skeeter doesn’t think he measures up.  It’s Skeeter’s nose, though, that finds the treasure.  In working with his brother, Skeeter finds out that Sinclair’s wings are less than perfect, and both brothers realize that their earthly father–and their heavenly Father–loves them just the way they are.

The hubby and I liked the graphics of this story, and we liked the voices, too.  At first I thought that the characters were too simple and the older kids wouldn’t watch it, but there were enough chuckles in the beginning as Skeeter’s nose led him the wrong way that I think the story would keep their interest.

There’s a trivia quiz for kids at the end of the video that would be interesting for beginning readers.  You have to use the remote to enter the answers.  There’s also a recipe for ‘Ooey Gooey Butter Cakes from Bismarck,” a treat that appears in the story.  They sound delicious, but beware the full box of powdered sugar.  I know that would give my grandsons the wiggles!  The only thing I saw that detracted from the video was the trailers that you can’t get past in the beginning.  It’s been my experience that when  kids want to watch DVDs, they don’t want to wait.

We live in a world that puts a lot of emphasis on appearance, so I think it’s never too soon to remind kids that God created them the way they are for a reason.  I also think there can’t be enough reminders.  Our kids are aware of their differences, and the world doesn’t always view them as pleasantly unique.  I’d give this story high marks as a reminder that, no matter how the world sees our kids, God sees them as being wonderful just the way they are.


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