Yet Another Reason That I Love My Job

Last week, some of the student body and all of the teachers and staff received T-shirts and were instructed to wear them to school today.  This is the back of the T-shirt:


I have worked in the public schools long enough to know that you wouldn’t see this just anywhere.

The kids who received shirts have been following the attendance and discipline policies since the beginning of the year.  None of them have any Fs.  You might think that’s not a very high standard, but I work in a rural school where an F in something is pretty commonplace, and it is not unusual for parents to be less than supportive when it comes to discipline.  A lot of them work two jobs and still can’t make ends meet, and they do what they have to to survive.  You can’t always leave an hourly job to come to a conference at school.

Anyway…pretty much everyone who got the shirts wore them today and got hand-scooped ice cream with their choice of toppings at lunchtime.  The idea of unity  in purpose was there, and though the ice cream isn’t a huge reward, it’s pretty significant when you are giving it to 200+ kids.

My school truly goes to the extra degree for its students, and I am thankful that I work there.


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