Review:The Gift of Psalms


Reviewing a devotional book is different from reviewing a fiction or nonfiction book.  In those, you are telling whether you like the story or not, but in a devotional book, you are evaluating whether you like the truths that are told in relation to the Bible passage that is used.

I think that the Psalms are a good place to go for reassurance in all of the Christian experience.  They make your  faith personal.  We are created to praise the Lord, and there are praise psalms.  If you are depressed, there are psalms that deal with depression.  God’s attributes are there, as well as a hope of heaven.  If you want reassurance, you can find it in Psalms.  That’s why I wanted to review The Gift of Psalms, to see if it would offer a quick choice of the best psalms to bring comfort to its readers.

I like the format in which the book is presented.  In some devotional books, you have to have your Bible at your side, but in this book, the psalm the devotion deals with is on the left-hand page, and the devotion is on the right.   Many of my favorite psalms–the eighth, the twenty-third, the one-hundred and third–are included.  I liked the devotions that went with them, too.

There are three CDs included with this book that include thirty of the fifty psalms from the book and their accompanying devotions.  I am not a particular fan of recorded Bibles because the way other people read is not always  the way I hear the Scripture in my head, but I think these CDs would be calming to listen to if you needed comfort and were not in a position to read.

All in all, I’d have to give this book four out of five stars.  Its selection of Psalms may not be the same as what you would chose, but the selection is broad enough to offer comfort and support, and the accompanying CDs are a nice added touch.


1 Response to “Review:The Gift of Psalms”

  1. 1 writeathome February 25, 2009 at 11:06 pm

    This sounds like an interesting devotional. About 10 years ago, I received a devotional as a gift which was called A Psalm In My Heart. I really did enjoy that one. There are definitely a lot of good things to reflect on in Psalms.

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