Review: What’s AGE Got to Do with It?


I never thought about how old Robin McGraw, Dr. Phil’s wife, was before I read What’s AGE Got to Do with It?.  I certainly didn’t think she was fifty-five, although I had heard that they were married over thirty years.  I guess it’s a testimony to how well she is preserved that, when I took the book to school to read, one of the juniors said, “She’s hot.”

“She’s fifty-five,” I said.

He thought about that for a minute and then said, “Still…”

I am not-quite-as-old as Robin is, and I don’t particularly want to be thought of as “hot” by high school students, but I do want to look my best.  And feel my best.  Learning what I need to do to accomplish those goals has been a process, one that I like to think I am better at now than I was when I was younger, but I know I am still learning.

Robin McGraw said the same thing.  She talks about points in her life at which she knew she had to make decisions for herself.  Her sisters all struggled with their weight, and she attributes her mother’s early death to the fact that she did not take time for herself, a mistake Robin didn’t want to repeat.

Early in her marriage, Robin learned how to take time for herself, figuring that if she did that, she ‘d be both a better wife and a better mother.  While I agree whole-heartedly, I don’t know that taking time for yourself is very easy in this day and age.  My daughter told me the other day that she was tired, so I said, “Go home and take a nap.  It’s not a sin, you know.” She  does know, but she lives in our fast-paced society, one in which sitting still is not something that is easy to do.

Robin puts the things she thinks are important right out there.  She talks about fitness, nutrition, skin care, hormones, hair, makeup, fashion and faith.    She outlines the things that she does to take care of herself in those areas, but she is quick to say that each woman has to find what works for her.  I find her list of makeup mind-boggling ( I’m a little dyslexic in that area), but I still came away with something I could use from her discussion, which was that you shouldn’t use a magnifying mirror to put your makeup on because nobody’s going to look at you that closely anyway.  Whew!  I was so relieved!

I do think that learning to take care of yourself is a process, and I agree with Robin that doing so makes you a better wife, mother, employee…a better person all the way around.  I have formed my opinions on this subject over the years, and I can see that her advice would have been helpful to me at various stages of my life.  Although I didn’t find much that was really new in her book, I thought what she wrote was practical and would be a lot of help to women who don’t have people to remind them that they are just as important as the other members of their family.


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