I rarely read children’s books that bring tears to my eyes, but MY LITTLE GIRL by Tim McGraw and Tom Douglas did just that for both me and my husband. The book tells about a dad who spends a day doing “nothing in particular” with his little girl and ends up making her feel like a princess. Dad and his daughter go to ordinary places like the store and do ordinary things like cloud-watching, all the time basking in the joy of one another’s company.

The hubby and I loved the artwork in this book, which is bright and full of pinks. We loved the way Katie, the little girl, dressed for the day for her daddy. We loved the fact that the truth behind the book will apply to not-so-little girls and their dads as well.  McGraw  makes it clear that quality time for dads and daughters can be had by doing very ordinary things.

It’s about time that there was a book made especially for dads to read to their little girls.


1 Response to “Book Review: MY LITTLE GIRL”

  1. 1 Kate Singley December 7, 2008 at 5:49 pm

    Have you read Princess Bubble?

    Nope. Maybe I will since you alerted me to it, though. Thanks!

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