Gratitude Journal Day 13

Today I am thankful for:

1) the word skitter.  The hubby and I watched leaves skitter down our street today.  I really don’t know another word to describe the way they move, but you only use skitter in the fall, so you have to enjoy it while you have it!

2) the family that our church provides for us.  God lets some people live by their families and, for some reason, others do not.  We don’t.  Before we moved here nine years ago, I know that people prayed for us to find a church that would be family because we were leaving ours behind.  That has certainly been the case.  We will attend a church Thanksgiving dinner this Thursday.  In years past, when the hubby was on call and we couldn’t be with our family, this dinner was the only “family” dinner we had.

3) water.  We live in the country and have well water, so I am reminded every time the power goes out of how much water we use and how much we take it for granted.  Then I saw this video, and I really don’t think, even when we were without water, that I appreciated our supply enough.

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