The Daughter and the Gym

The hubby and I took a trip to Ohio this weekend to deliver some cabinetry he made for the daughter.  For those tens of you who read my blog regularly, you know that I lovingly refer to my daughter as the Exercise Nazi.  She is a registered kinesiotherapist, and she knows her stuff.  I listen, although I didn’t always, because after the RA, the exercise sort of gave me my life, or at least my confidence, back.

This year, I need that confidence again.  I have a lot medical going on right now, not the least of which is the threat of  surgery on the arm that I broke.  The bone is healed.  The displacement, technically called a subluxation, not so much.   The bone doc’s instructions were to work my deltoids in an effort to get the muscles to draw my arm bone back up where it belongs, but of course he didn’t give me any pictures.  When it comes to exercise, I need pictures!

Enter the daughter.  She has a membership at a gym, and when we go to Ohio, I go there with her.  I enjoy walking with her and riding the recumbent bike.  There’s a cardio theater in which they show movies while you are riding.  Today as she was going through her own exercise routine, she showed me several exercises with Theraband.   Half an hour and a tired shoulder later, she told me that she had given me the routine her clinic gives for advanced shoulder patients, and she was very proud of me because I didn’t whine.

I understand that God gives us trials sometimes to test our character.  I think He’s been testing mine a LOT this year.  I just want to give thanks for the daughter and the way that she encourages.    She’s a awfully hard worker, and she’s my biggest cheerleader.  After she ran me through the exercises, she gave me pictures!  And her parting words to me, delivered with a smile, were, “Mom, if your shoulder doesn’t hurt now, it will tomorrow.  And the best way to get over the hurt is…”

I filled in the rest for her.  I’ve heard it before.  “Do the exercises again!”

I hope my character stands up to this.  I may still end up having that surgery, but it won’t be because I didn’t do my exercises!


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