More on Boys and Problems in School

The daughter-in-law found a  more in-depth article than the link I posted yesterday about the problems boys are encountering in school.  The beginning of the article, which tells of the problems of a first grader, sounded an awful lot like our RJ.  Even knowing that you can make statistics say what you want them to say, the stats in this article give one pause:

According to the Centers for Disease Control, in 2003, 14 percent of boys across the nation were identified as having ADHD by they time they reached their sixteenth birthday. And the percentage is continuing to grow. Between 2000 and 2005, the number of boys from birth to age nineteen who were being prescribed ADHD medication grew 48 per­cent. That such large numbers of boys are being diagnosed with a central nervous system disorder suggests two things: Either we are witnessing the largest pandemic in our country since influenza struck in the United States in 1918, or  school-age boys are being overidentified and overdiagnosed.

It seems to me that it makes some sense to say that if the numbers of boys with behavioral problems have increased so drastically it might be the expectations–not the boys–that have changed.


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