One of the Houses the Hubby Has Built

Have you heard the saying that a biker is only happy when he has bugs in his teeth? The hubby did have a bike at one time, but what really makes him happy is sawdust. The more the better.

In pursuit of sawdust, he has built many things over the years. He built the house in which we raised our children. He built storage barns. He remodeled the shed behind this house and, since he retired, he has built a LOT for our local Habitat for Humanity.

His current project, which sits in our driveway, is a children’s playhouse that will be auctioned off in October. He’s not quite finished yet. The door has to be hung and the window frames have to be painted. The hubby “broke” the metal that wraps the window and door frames. That’s the first time he has ever done that. (The metal brake is in the picture on the right.)

The playhouse has generated a lot of interest here in our neighborhood. We are hoping that it raises a lot of money for Habitat at the auction. The plan is to build another one, decorate it for Christmas, display it in the local Christmas parade and auction that one, too.

Oh, and that natty hat the hubby is wearing? It was a gift from Ireland, courtesy of the daughter. He reports that it’s a little warm to wear at the moment, but he plans to get a lot of wear out of it soon! He didn’t wear it to build in, but it looks good, just like the house that he built.


1 Response to “One of the Houses the Hubby Has Built”

  1. 1 Sally September 7, 2008 at 9:15 pm

    Your husband is truly a gifted man!

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