My Own Version of THE BIRDS

When my son was teenage, his dad and I told him about Hitchcock’s movie, THE BIRDS.  He and I have always disagreed about what scary movies he should watch and what he shouldn’t.  I don’t remember what precipitated this discussion, but it was in the Freddy Krueger era, so maybe something like that.

Anyway, we told him that THE BIRDS was something that we would allow him to watch, and that it was really scary.

“Ha,” he said.  “How can something that was filmed so long ago be scary?”

He found out.  The hubby and I were greatly amused as we  watched him and his friend react to the movie.

I mention this because I had my own scary experience with birds, and one of the trails that I walk reminded me of it recently.  See…there are ring-necked pheasant there.

Bear with me.  To tell you about my experience, I have to tell you that a dozen years ago, I had a thyroidectomy, removing a goiter that looked like the one in my fourth-grade health book.  I didn’t realize it was that bad until we had a family photo taken … but that’s another story.  The end result was that I had a healing scar.  On my neck.

Now I have written before that I like to walk.  I particularly liked our road in Ohio because my friend Jackie planted wildflowers that seemed to be different every morning and, at the end of our road, there was a graveyard, which was always interesting to walk through.  That also is another story.

I hesitated to walk outside with the scar on my neck because it was big, and I wanted it to fade.  Evidently scars don’t fade well if they tan.  The doctor’s advice was to put zinc oxide on it.  You know.  The white stuff that life guards put on their noses.  I thought it would look stupid but one day, because I was desperate for a walk, I decided to try it.  It was early in the morning.  Who would notice?


I was a ways down the road when I noticed a pheasant hen.  Or to put it more precisely, she noticed me.  I was walking by a tree and I thought she was acting weird, but I just kept on walking.  Whereupon she decided to fly at me.  Like in THE BIRDS.  I think she flew at me and “yelled” at me for a good 200 feet, during which time I actually had my arms protecting my head.  Maybe she wasn’t going for my eyes.  Maybe I just remembered too much of Hitchcock’s movie.  Still.  The whole thing was pretty scary.

Sweating profusely, which is something that at that time I never did, I proceeded with my walk.  I was a little nervous about going through the cemetery because there were a LOT of pheasant around, but the rest of my walk was incident-free.  Still, I walked on the other side of the road on the way home, the problem with that being that there was this big chicken-coop sort of thing on that side which had birds lined up on top.  They turned and watched me when I walked, sort of like the seagulls on FINDING NEMO.  I think the seagulls are hilarious.  Now.  On the movie.  I don’t like it when they swoop parking lots, though.

Anyway.  I digress.  Now I know now that pheasant build their nests in fields, so all the hen was trying to do was warn me away.  I had sort of figured that, but I thought she wanted me away from the tree.  Silly me.

At the time, as I was protecting my head, all I could think of was the zinc oxide on my neck. And I wondered if that pheasant thought I was the BIGGEST ring-necked pheasant she had ever seen.

I will still return to the trail that reminded me of all this.  I have to tell you though, that I really prefer my pheasant under, or at least behind, glass!


6 Responses to “My Own Version of THE BIRDS”

  1. 1 writeathome June 20, 2008 at 6:38 pm

    I prefer my pheasant smoked and on a plate. LOL I’d be scared too if that had happened to me. Glad you weren’t seriously hurt.

  2. 2 Amanda June 20, 2008 at 10:01 pm


    One of my dearest friends in the world is terrified of birds and has been her whole life. This reminds me of her nightmare when she had to go to the Dallas World Aquarium with her daycare class in high school (she was a teacher’s aide). The thing about the DWA is that it has an open-air rainforest that you can walk through where the birds fly around and peacocks and other birds walk around the paths. You have to walk through the rainforest area in order to get to the rest of the aquarium. Her boss had to escort her through the rainforest while she kept her eyes closed and her arms protecting her face.

    Then, she went to Baylor for college, and Waco is the home of about 1,000,000 blackbirds during the winter. Did I EVER have fun purposefully driving through areas where the birds roosted while we were there together.

    Back to your story — I’m proud that you’re even willing to go back to that road! Talk about guts! :o)

  3. 3 Becky June 22, 2008 at 6:27 pm

    I wish I could tell you both I was over my fear, but there are geese at our local park. Did you know that they hiss??? I do like to hear the songbirds, though!

  4. 4 Amanda June 23, 2008 at 9:53 am

    Yes, they hiss!!! There were geese at the neighborhood pond when I was a kid, and they came running at us flapping their wings and hissing. We happened to be there with my neighbors’ mom, so we all scrambled on top of her Volvo and screamed bloody murder at them, while she laughed her head off in the car.

  5. 5 bluestockingbb June 28, 2008 at 10:55 pm

    Thats funny. Actually I thought the Birds was hysterical! I know I’m wierd. Now Cujo…

    I found you on CWO. Hope you can stop by for a visit.

  6. 6 Becky June 29, 2008 at 6:52 am

    I’ve never seen Cujo. Obviously, I scare easily…

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