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It’s been a while, and while I am glad that my month of menu planning lasted six weeks, I am finding it hard to sit down and plan again. I need to, though, so here goes.

Monday, June 16th: The hubby has a meeting; I’ll have a PBJ. I will make up some Frozen Fruit Cups to have on hand as the weather has been so hot.

Tuesday, June 17th: Baked salmon with herbs, which is the only thing we didn’t have off the last menu plan, accompanied by Marinated Broccoli Salad

Wednesday, June 18th: Pecan Chicken Pockets and leftover broccoli salad

Thursday June 19th: Tangy Turkey Tostadas, recipe downsized for the two of us

Friday and Saturday, we’ll be helping my sister at my dad’s and celebrating his 83rd birthday. My sister is a vegetarian. Who knows what we will eat????

Sunday, June 22nd: Leftover tostadas if we eat at home. At some point during this weekend, the hubby and I will acquire five-year-old RJ for a week of Vacation Bible School, so if you notice a theme with my menus for the next week, there is a reason!

Monday, June 23rd: Pizza Grilled Cheese, recipe tripled so the grandpa and I can have some, too

Tuesday, June 24th: Taco Crescents; we’ll eat the leftovers, won’t we????

Wednesday, June 25th: Tender Chicken Nuggets

Thursday, June 26th: Bubble Pizza, probably with pepperoni instead of beef; I’ll have to ask what RJ prefers.

Friday, June 27th: Mother’s Bar-B-Cups, accompanied by Mousy Pear Salad

Saturday, June 28th: Circle-O Skillet Supper with some frozen fruit cups

On Sunday the 29th, I am assuming that we will be returning RJ to his dad and mom. Sigh. I wish we lived closer.

Monday, June 30th: Grilled Thai Chicken Salad

Tuesday, July 1: Fast Fajita Pitas, recipe cut at least in half

Wednesday, July 2: Tuna Pita Pockets

Thursday, July 3rd: Peanutty Beef Skewers, accompanied by Summer Fruit ‘n Pasta Salad

Friday, July 4th: hot dogs and burgers, wherever we happen to be

Saturday, July 6th: Toasted Deli Swiss Sandwich, recipe doubled, with leftover fruit salad if there is any

Sunday, July 7th: Breaded Flounder Fillets

Monday, July 8th: Chicken Marinara

Tuesday, July 9th: Mexican Pork Tenderloins

Wednesday, July 10th: Broccoli Chicken Salad, maybe with the recipe doubled. This stuff is GOOD!!!

Thursday, July 11th: Turkey Skillet Supper

Friday, July 12th: Alfredo Chicken Lasagna

Saturday, July 13th: leftover turkey skillet supper

Sunday, July 14th: leftovers or grilled cheese/burgers


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