Mothers, Daughters, Ireland and the Still Small Voice

Yeah. I gave the daughter-in-law this lecture yesterday about holding on to your children when they are small and letting go as they get older. Ideally, I said, you end up with an open palm. Then I had to admit to her that occasionally, my hand spasms. In fact, I had one yesterday morning.

You see, the daughter ‘s going to Ireland.

Why am I not happy?

The daughter and I have had big discussions about this. Originally, she didn’t even want to be part of a tour. I made my point–emphatically, I thought–that if she was going to a foreign country alone, the least she could do would be to be part of a tour so SOMEBODY would be looking for her in case something happened.

I know, I know. She’s an adult. She has the right to make this decision for herself. Still, when she discussed going to school and maybe saving her funds for that instead of a trip, I was thrilled.

That was two weeks ago.

Yesterday, on the phone, the daughter told me that she had sent me an e-mail. We were sans power, so I hadn’t read it, and I asked what was in it.

Her response? Her travel arrangements for Ireland. She had, at least, signed up for a bus tour, as I had requested, even though she would be traveling alone.

I had an instant headache. I actually had to tell her that I would call her back when I could talk. I saw the hubby watching me with that “uh-oh” look that husbands get.

As I pushed the end button, though, I heard this


and what It said was,

“I’m big.”

To which I responded before I even thought,

“I’m going to need You to be. You have to span a whole ocean.”

He does, you know.

I am going to take that Still Small Voice, that Whisper, as reassurance that going to Ireland is something the daughter needs to do. I am going to count on that, in fact. I’m going to count on God’s granting me peace about the whole situation. And I am going to pray.

A lot.

Who doesn’t want to go to Ireland?

The daughter leaves August 18th.


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