Be Sure Your Mood Will Find You Out!

The look on the hubby’s face was priceless. It made me laugh. But it wouldn’t have last weekend.

He was kind enough to accompany me on my periodic trip to the rheumatologist, whose office is about an hour away. The doctor runs through a whole list of things during those visits. Things were going smoothly until he turned around and looked at the hubby and said, “Has her mood been OK?”

I am sure this would not apply to any of you, but I was, shall we say, less than patient over the weekend. All of it. The doctor’s appointment was early Monday morning. Which explains the look on the hubby’s face that, loosely translated was, “If I answer this truthfully, do I get to hear about it all the way home?”

I felt bad.

I am doing a Beth Moore Bible study, and in one of the sessions I was watching, she mentions women and their moods. She says she understands them better now that she is on the other end of adolescence, and I would have to agree. As I remember it, adolescence was just turmoil. Period. Now I think I am even-tempered much of the time , but when those moods hit…well, that’s why I’m doing the Bible study. It’s on the fruits of the Spirit. Maybe I can scream ‘Help!” and things maybe won’t get carried away.

In the meantime, in the doctor’s office, all three of us laughed. The hubby told the truth, and he didn’t pay for it on the way home. I hated knowing that I was the one who put that look on his face, but it’s good that I saw it. Maybe that will make me more careful. In the meantime, I will leave you with my doctor’s explanation. He said it’s almost impossible to evaluate your own mood correctly, which is why he asks family members. So let me ask you this:

By the time YOU think you are in a mood, what do your loved ones think?


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