Dear God

Oh Father, I felt so helpless when the daughter called this morning. She has car trouble and her daddy and I are 150 miles away. The phone doesn’t ring with disasters for her nearly as often as it used to, and for that I do thank You. I thank You too that car trouble is small in the scheme of things. Still, it is big to her, and there is really just her. At least immediately.

My plan had been to sleep in this morning, but once the phone rang, I couldn’t. I, um, You know…worried. I know I’m not supposed to, but it is a mother’s first reaction. I got up and came in to the computer as is my habit, but I couldn’t concentrate. She’s twenty-eight, You know, Lord, but I still want to be there to help. You know all things. I’m sure that You feel that way, too. Even with me.

Then, as I was sitting here and my spirit quieted enough for me to listen, I heard. What I heard was, “Well, did you pray?”


I could spend a lot of time beating myself up because that wasn’t my first reaction, but I’d just like to say that I am sorry. I should have thought. And in the meantime, Lord, the daughter was Yours before she was ours. Would you please watch over her and protect her? Get her to work safely and help her handle her car problems? You have brought her through so much safely, I’m sorry I didn’t think to ask You about this first. You know what I mean. I’ll try to remember for next time. Thank you for being there for me and the hubby, too. Well, and for all the family. Your track record is both long and good.  Oh, and I  did notice.  There’s isn’t just her, is there?

I don’t know why the tears are running down my cheeks, Lord.

I love you.




1 Response to “Dear God”

  1. 1 writeathome February 16, 2008 at 12:17 am

    This is beautiful, Becky. Sometimes we do forget that Jesus wants to be our friend and help us handle the problems of life. Thank God He is kind enough to remind us when we forget.

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