An Arthritis Article I Like

This article tells what a burden arthritis is on American society. I don’t like it, although I know what it says is true. Dr. Charles Helmick of the CDC states:

given the large and growing burden of arthritis and other rheumatic conditions, it is hoped that this work [ a two part national study] will inspire studies that address these gaps and provide a better understanding of the burden of these conditions not only on the health care system, but also on American industry and society.

Anyone who has rheumatoid arthritis or a family member who has it knows the burden the disease causes. Medicines are costly. They burden whoever pays for them. The alternative, though, is a life of pain and immobility. Not things you would pick if you had a choice.

I really like this article better. It’s written by a woman named Ida Weibel, and she has defined what the disease is like for many of the RA sufferers that I know. Weibel says that pain may define her condition, but she’s not going to let it define her life.

I like her outlook.

May I be as brave.


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