Interesting Links, Christmas and Otherwise

Want to find out how much you know about Christmas? You can take this quiz, which I first found on this blog.

Do you ever wonder which of Santa’s reindeer you are? Then you can take this quiz, which I first found here.

My friend Donna sent me this link: A THINK TEST. I had received it before, but I never got it to work. On my computer at least, you have to use Explorer, not Firefox. My friend far outscored me with a 17. I got 11. I am going to comfort myself with the fact that she’s an artist and therefore a good observer.

My dad pointed out this article about Mike Huckabee, mostly because he has strong opinions about the New York Times and was surprised that they were relatively unbiased. When I first discussed Huckabee with Dad, he didn’t think the man had any chance at all for the Presidency, but his opinion is beginning to change…

And finally, Cindy would like a gift. It’s Christmastime after all. If you are feeling merry, please go here and see what’s up with her.

We have a two-hour delay, but time’s a-wastin’ and I had better go. Only eight more days until Christmas!


1 Response to “Interesting Links, Christmas and Otherwise”

  1. 1 Cindy Swanson December 18, 2007 at 8:57 am

    Becky, thanks so much for the link! Thanks also for being a valued reader and commenting on my blog…I really appreciate it!

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