Of Wedding Rings and Other Things

I am blessed with a wonderful husband, so articles about the fact that married people are healthier don’t really surprise me. How could you help but be healthier when you are happier? Here’s what WebMD says about marriage’s health benefits:

Across the board, married people were healthiest. “Married persons were healthier for nearly every measure of health,” says the CDC.

That was true for all ages, ethnicities, and levels of income and education. The connection between marriage and health was strongest in the youngest group, aged 18-44.

Married people were, in general, in better health than those who were divorced, widowed, never-married, or living with a partner. They were also less likely to suffer from health conditions like back pain, headaches, and serious psychological distress.

Married people were also less likely to smoke, drink heavily, and be physically inactive.

The daughter-in-law sent me an article that adds another health benefit: your wedding ring. This past Saturday, two men walked into Donnie Register‘s shop at an antique market and, after asking to see a coin collection, decided to rob him. When shots were fired, Register threw up his left hand and his wedding ring deflected the bullet, saving his life. Parts of the bullet are still in Register’s middle finger and his neck, but the fragments are not life-threatening.

Donnie’s wife, Darlene, gives God the credit for saving her husband’s life.

My husband didn’t wear his wedding ring for many years because it was against the rules at work. Some people tried to remember to take theirs off and put it back on when they left, but we thought then that his not wearing the ring was the safest course of action. The hubby did, however, don his wedding ring soon after his retirement, an action which touched me very much. Having read the article about the Registers, I am now thankful the hubby has his ring for another reason.

He’ll never know when it could save his life.


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