Who God Is

The hubby came home from his Bible study and told me the discussion was about how big God is. He said some of the men objected to the term big because they thought it was too common for God. I don’t know of a better term than big to use, but they are right. Our God is NOT common. I was interested because, well, it was the hubby talking and that’s sort of where I am in my on-line Bible study. Analyzing my faith and my walk. Does my spiritual walk reveal the God I say I believe in?

One of the areas I am looking at is prayer. I do wonder sometimes if I pray without believing that God will really answer. A good example of this is the RA. I have prayed for healing, but it doesn’t seem forthcoming. So…when I changed my prayers a while ago and began to ask for ways to deal with this disease, was that a lack of faith? I am not sure.

What I am sure of, though, is that God hears all our prayers. Like an earthly father, He doesn’t always grant what we want exactly when we want it. Doing that wouldn’t be any better for us than it would be for our own children. BUT HE HEARS. Which is why I thought I would share my devotion for the morning. (If the link moves on, you can click on the archive for the November 2 devotion.) What it talks about is lost prayers. I hope you’ll read it for yourself. I think the writer’s conclusion, that the Lord hears our faintest cry, is a wonderful thing to meditate on as we head into the weekend.

I am sure there is much more for me to discover about who God is, but it fills me with joy to know that I do believe that for Him there are no lost prayers. I believe that once we think them, God has heard.


1 Response to “Who God Is”

  1. 1 amy November 4, 2007 at 8:56 pm

    I read that same devotion. How far is the East from the West? That’s how big God is.

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