Movies Worth Seeing

The hubby and I used to go to movies as a form of relaxation, and we used to go even if a movie was only marginally interesting. Not so since he retired. And that’s not because we don’t want to spend the money; it’s because no good movies, in our opinion, have come out.

One of the things we have done this past year is to watch movies that are marketed as Christian, movies like The Nativity Story, Facing the Giants, The Last Sin Eater and Amazing Grace. What I like about these movies is that there is something to talk about in them, something that lasts beyond the drive home from the movie theater.

Which is why I was glad to see that another movie with such promise was coming out. This one is called Bella. The story is about two young people who hurt. Jose’s soccer career was ended by an accident. Nina is young, unmarried and pregnant. And she doesn’t want to be. There is an interview with the young man who plays Jose, Eduardo Verastegui, here if you are interested.

When I found out about the movie, I went to the Bella website to find a theater. I would happily have driven an hour or so to see it. Unfortunately, there are none near me. But maybe there’s one near you. If you get a chance to see Bella, let me know if you like it, will you? Maybe it’ll come to Indiana eventually.


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