Thankful Someone’s Watching Out for Me!

The hubby and I went for our bike ride along the rail trail after 5PM, which is sort of near dusk at this season in Indiana. He had not realized the weather was so cool (it was 90 two days ago), so he didn’t bring a jacket. He dropped me off at a trail head and told me he was going home to get a jacket. He was going to drive to the next city and meet me, biking the other way.

Well. Part of the bike trail goes through the center of the city. As I was cruising along on my one-speed, I saw a kid sitting in the middle of the trail. I thought maybe he had wrecked, you know? As I got closer, though, he got up, and he had a BIG stick. Then he yelled something, and two other teens came out of the trees. They also had big sticks. I was pretty scared. And I prayed. One word. HELP!!

The kids turned around and started hitting the brush with their sticks.


I am thoroughly convinced God heard that one word.


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