Deductibles and the Long Term

Anybody who has a chronic illness wonders about the money it costs. I don’t care who you are. Women bemoan the fact that they are costing their families hard-earned money. Men refuse to go to the doctor because it costs too much. Besides–the doc might find something.

Money has been one of the burdens for me with rheumatoid arthritis. I found out today that we met our out-of-pocket deductible in August. Thing is, it was a pretty healthy year. The other thing is, most of the expense was for my arthritis meds. The co-pay on Enbrel alone is almost $300 a month. I don’t think there’s a choice, really. The meds keep me basically healthy, maybe as healthy as one can be with RA. More importantly, they keep me mobile and they keep the pain at bay. Still…we will meet the out-of-pocket limit every year until I die unless there is a miracle.

Given this fact, it was with some trepidation that I watched the hubby mail off our application for long-term care insurance. He might actually get it. Me, well…maybe, but it will be rated. Whether that will make it out of reach, I do not know.

I have decided, though, to look on the bright side. Married couples get lower rates on long-term care insurance because they take care of each other. Either one of our children would take us in, although if that were necessary, I can hear the daughter now: “You don’t need that motorized wheelchair, Mom! Use those arms!” Still, not everyone is fortunate enough to have kids that care. Or meds that work. Or coverage once they meet their out-of-pocket limit…

There really are a lot of reasons to give thanks!


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