Neighborhood Association

When we lived in Ohio, we really didn’t need a neighborhood association.  We lived in a rural community, and the neighbors watched out for each other.   We lived way back from the road behind a lot of pine trees, where really anything could have happened. The hubby traveled a lot at that time, and one time when I had lit the burn barrel, one of the neighbors who could not see my house but could see the smoke, called to make sure someone was home.  It was nice.  For the most part–someday I will tell you about the home invasion–we felt secure.

When we moved to Indiana in a sort of rural subdivision, we were looking forward to getting to know our neighbors.  Much to our surprise, people waved, but not much more.  Automatic garage door openers don’t lend themselves to friendliness.  We were surprised by that, but it didn’t seem likely to change.

Enter the pit bull.  The hubby was walking early one morning this summer and was cornered by a pit bull.  Turns out that a runner had been cornered earlier, and the same neighbor came out to help both times. Well…that got people to talking, and today we had our first neighborhood association meeting.

Not a lot of people turned out.  There was a county sheriff who came to talk to us–about stray dogs among other things–and we did a little mixing.  I know a few more names than I did before.

The good thing though, was that right before we shared the food, the people who had sent out the newsletter inviting people to the meeting offered a prayer.  They prayed not only for the people who were there and for the  safety of our neighborhood, but for the difficult circumstances in which some in the neighborhood find themselves and for the people who could not make it.

Sounds to me like the neighborhood’s about to get a lot more friendly.

1 Response to “Neighborhood Association”

  1. 1 Ron September 30, 2007 at 10:27 am

    I remember Dad telling me about how you dealt with the strays that abounded (before I was born) when you lived in Delta. That could always be an options if the situation fails to remedy itself in the near future. Gruesome, I know, but safety of the neighborhood is paramount.

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