Little Things Count

I received an e-mail about Chief Master Sgt. John Gebhardt comforting an infant girl in Iraq, and it turns out that the story accompanying the e-mail was true. It seems this little girl had been shot and left for dead and, although her medical problems were healing, only John Gebhardt could calm her spirit. So he did. You can click on the link above to see a picture of the two of them. I verified it through goes on to say that Gebhardt, who is home now, was surprised by his sudden fame. He said he enjoyed holding the little girl as much as she enjoyed being held, that holding her gave him time to think about his own family.

I think Chief Master Sgt. Gebhardt’s actions reflect the attitude that Christians should have. Matthew 25 talks about the things Christ has seen His followers doing. When the faithful question His account, Jesus responds (V.40) that when they have done good to “the least of these…you did it to me.”

I am certain that many good deeds are done in Iraq every day, but you don’t hear about many of them in the news. That’s why I thought I’d share Chief Master Sgt. Gebhardt’s story with you. We should never forget that we sent people, feeling people, to Iraq, and we should never discount the good those people can do.


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