If you read my blog at all, you know that my hubby retired May 1 and that I had some, um…fear and trepidation about that. I am here to tell you that, three months later, the adjustment has not been so bad.

In fact, I am the one that had the problems with adjusting. The hubby is ecstatically happy with being retired. He does many of the same things he was doing, well…when the railroad gave him time. He just doesn’t have to squeeze them in around work anymore.

Here’s one adjustment that I haven’t conquered yet. When the hubby was working, I would structure my time so I did most things while he wasn’t there. That way, I could spend time with him when he was here. That left me lonely a lot of the time, and I will admit that I whined about it a bit. But I am a person of routine, and once the hubby left for work in the morning, I would read my Bible, do my crunches, watch the news. Maybe even check my e-mail. There is no free time like that in the morning now, though, so some of those things, especially the crunches, 😦 , have gone a little by the wayside in the past three months. I am a firm believer in the crunches since my conversion by the daughter, aka the Exercise Nazi, so that needs to change. I just haven’t managed it yet. School starts on the eighth; I really need to get my act together.

Other adjustments, though, have been much easier. For instance, we had thought that we would move to Ohio, which was where both children live. Then we found out that Indiana doesn’t tax railroad retirement benefits. That’s a big reason to stay put. We had thought the hubby would get another job. Then we found out that until he’s almost fifty-nine, such a job would lose me my benefits. Forever. We had sought the Lord’s will about this, and guess what? We are making it on his retirement. And he is filling his time with volunteer work and Bible studies, things like that. So far, he seems happy.

There are some of the down times that I have noticed the wives of retirees lamenting. I heard one woman at my church say, “He [her husband] wants to go everywhere with me. I just wanted to go to Kokomo ALONE.” And I sympathize. But I can’t help but remember the times when I wished the hubby was around more, so it’s hard for me to mind if he goes places with me. Today we went grocery shopping with a carefully made list. Just like newlyweds. It’s been a while since we watched our money like this and, truthfully, I am sure it’s good that we have started again.I remember when the hubby and I watched our money before. Twenty-odd years ago. And since those memories are pleasant, this time is,too.

I don’t know what the future will bring for us, although it seems clear that God wants us to stay in Indiana for the time being. I do know, though, that I have reached the age where I thank God every morning for the joy of waking up next to the hubby. When you are younger, you take such things for granted–at least I did– and you really never know how long you will have together. It will be while before the sweetness of his being still asleep at 5 A.M. will fade for me. And I continue to enjoy the fact that now he smiles the way he used to, something that for the last few years I seemed to see only in my memory.

All in all, I would have to say that while retirement has, in some respects, been an exercise in wifely submission, it’s been a good thing. You only have to look at the smile on my husband’s face to know that.


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  1. 1 writeathome August 5, 2007 at 10:35 pm

    Hi Becky,

    I’m glad to hear that your husband is doing good with his retirement and that you are adjusting well for the most part. I remember having to make a similar adjustment about 3 years ago when my husband became self-employed. He does quite a bit of his work at home, so I had to adjust to doing homeschool a little differently. I admit at times that I would get annoyed with not being able to stay on schedule, but at the same time, it was good for the kids to be able to interact a little more with their dad. I have to remind myself sometime that for me, homeschool just isn’t all about cramming a bunch of knowledge in my kids’ heads. It’s about relationships. I want to enjoy the relationships now, because like you said, we never know how much time we will have together.

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