Oom-pa-pa, Oom-pa-pa

What a nice addition to our Saturday morning!

The hubby and I decided to walk at the park in Wabash this morning, mostly because we had recyclables to deposit there. Music greeted us as we drew near. Not a cacophony, although there were a bunch of different tunes playing and, since we were in Wabash, they were punctuated by the occasional train whistle. No, it was the Mid-America Chapter 32nd Annual Band Organ Rally. I haven’t managed the pictures on this Ubuntu computer as of now, but you can see and hear some of what the hubby and I heard if you click here. My favorites were the organ that played “Red River Valley” and the hand-cranked organ which poured out the notes of “The Happy Wanderer.” We both enjoyed the calliope. There was even a little organ on a wagon that a teenager was running by remote control.

We ended up talking about the county fairs we had gone to as children. That’s what the organ music reminded us of. The hubby remembers being given $3 for the day. I think I got $5, but I’m four years younger, and of course it didn’t matter. You could do a lot for a dime in the sixties.

I don’t think the hubby and I live in the past, but there is certainly nothing like a pleasant memory of a simple thing to sweeten up your Saturday morning. That’s exactly what those band organs did for ours!

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