Brotherly Love

The hubby and I had the two-year-old, Tony, by himself from Sunday through Friday. On Friday, we picked up big brother, lovingly referred to by Tony as “his” RJ. I’m not going to say that we weren’t tired when we dropped them off on Sunday, but we did have fun.

On Sunday morning, the boys killed time before church by riding their bikes in the driveway. At RJ’s request, the hubby and I had to narrate the “RJ and Tony Movie,” which went something like this:

Once upon a time, RJ was too little to ride his bike. Then he got bigger and could ride his bike fancy, like this (demonstration follows). RJ has a brother named Tony. Tony and RJ can ride their bikes super fast.


In the middle of this movie, as the boys were racing in circles around our driveway, Tony would drive his Big Wheel off into the grass and wreck–on purpose, of course. Then he would take the pin out of his seat and yell, “I wrecked! RJ, can you help?”

Immediately, RJ would climb down from his “big boy” bike and shout,”Big brother to the rescue” as he dashed off to save the day.

This was not the only time RJ rescued his brother this weekend. We took the boys to Winona Lake. Having strapped them into their floaties, we hovered near and felt pretty secure. Tony would only go in up to his ankles for the longest while. After about an hour, he got brave and decided to wade in after his brother. In water that was about to my knees, the floatie did its job and picked Tony up. Whereupon he promptly started screaming.

As I was wading in to rescue him, RJ saved the day. He grabbed Tony’s floatie and pushed him into my hands. Tony told his mommy and daddy later that day that RJ saved him so he wasn’t “drownded.”

My son says RJ is often annoyed with his little brother following at his heels, so I write this down in the hope that someday, he will appreciate the closeness that they share. I wish we had purchased our new computer so I could supply you with pictures.


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